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Your support is very much needed and we hope you want to contribute for this research. We are grateful to our donors and we will mention participating companies on our website, Facebook page and in the newsletter (if you wish). The Twan Foundation organizes different events. If you are interested in organizing such an event please contact us because together we achieve more!

If you want to become a regular donor, we’re very much pleased. Fill in the contact form and we will pick up contact with you.


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We can’t do it without your support!

We can very much use your support. And by support we mean: your ideas, initiatives, your time, but also your financial contribution.

Do you have an idea or initiative? And do your goals match ours: making Ataxia Telangiectasia more known and/or collecting money to support research on Ataxia Telangiectasia? Do you have a special gift, a special quality? We’re very interested in anything you have to offer so don’t hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

Also, if you think that you can do anything for us with your company or shop, we’ready to have a conversation. For example, a money box on your counter or at the company restaurant can help us a lot. If you want to contribute with Christmas packages, we would be very happy to receive them. There are many possibilities and we would like to think with you or take care of a short presentation about our work during a meeting.

  • For example, the employees of 'Stadscafé Mijnheer de Uil' donated two months of their tip box to the Twan Foundation.
  • Flowershop 'De Veender' at Ede placed a couple of months a money box at their counter for the Twan Foundation.

Of course it’s also possible to donate your contribution to our bank account.

NL 63 RABO 0153.1109.96 at Twan Foundation te Veenendaal

Many thanks in advance!


Empty ink cartridges, what do I do with them?

Throwing them at the garbage is bad for the environment but to drive all the way to the garbage place is a lot of effort. Many people don’t know that empty ink cartridges are worth money. has a nice solution to support the Twan Foundation.

You can read here how it works. In the future you can deliver in a responsible way your ink cartridges, support the environment and meanwhile the Twan Foundation!

The cartridge recycling program offers you the possibility to deliver without costs and for a nice compensation! At you can order the original brands ink cartridges but also their own brand cartridges.

  1. Order your ink cartridges and you’ll receive at your order a bag with which you can send them for free.
  2. Anounce the sending at the website of and write down that the compensation has to be donated to the Twan Foundation.

How this exactly works you can read here. From now on you can deliver your cartridges in a responsible way, participate to a better environment and support the Twan Foundation!

Questions about donations? Contact us!