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De Twan Foundation is Stichting LIAB enorm dankbaar.

This foundation was established in 2016 for the well-being of André Beukers. After André was hit by a serious brain haemorrhage in the summer of 2015, he suffered from Locked In Syndrome.
As a result, he could no longer speak or move his body and from one day to the next he was, as it were, "locked up" in his own body.

André passed away at the end of 2019 and the foundation decided to support…

Roelie runs for Ataxia Telangiectasia

Roelie Struik is taking an enormous challenge for the Twan Foundation: running 29 km in Scotland at high altitude.We are happy to share Roelie’s beautiful words of why does she do that.

My dear friend Twan (8) has an ugly monster in his body. The monster takes away daily from Twan energy and muscle power. That’s why moving becomes more and more difficult, and that affects many things during a day, but even more in life ...

Baking puffs for the Twan Foundation

Melanie Hendriksen will bake delicious puffs for highest bidder of the Twan Foundation. This promotion has been placed last week on Facebook and the highest bidder was Natascha Vonk with 22 euros. The entire amount goes to the Twan Foundation.

Thanks Melanie and Natascha!

Through the mud for the Twan Foundation

On Saterday, 8 June, Heidie en Stan Vertenten actually went through the mud for the

Twan Foundation. They participated in the Obstacle Run in Brabant.

The heroes were able to finalize this dirty run!

Golden wedding

50 years ago Sjaak & Annie, Twan’s grandparents got married …

This weekend they celebrated together with family and friends and asked their guests to

offer them a present in the form of a donation for the Twan Foundation.

A considerable amount of 1885 € was collected!!!

Many thanks!!!!

Foundation Onderuit de Waterzak

In April we were able to receive a cheque worth 1550 € from the foundation ‘Onderuit de Waterzak’.   This   foundation   released   and   sold   the   book   that   Eric   Baas,   Twan’s grandfather started. Eric couldn’t finish the book himself because he died,  but others finished it for him.

It was his wish to dedicate the profit of the book for the Twan Foundation.

We are glad with this nice amount of money!

Cupcakes and lemon cake for the Twan Foundation

Heleen de Jongh and her daughter Saar had a very nice activity in February.

They baked lovely cupcakes and lemon cake for the Twan Foundation.

 Everyone who bought the cakes was thrilled and enjoyed them.

Rock for Ataxia Telangiectasia 2019

On the 16th of February, 2019, it was again time for Rock for Ataxia Telangiectasia.

It was a fantastic evening with deafening hard rock for the Twan Foundation.

Many thanks go to Edwin van den Oudeland and his team.

This Rock for Ataxia Telangiectasia brought up the incredible amount of 1.700 €